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Students Activities

At Erbil French School the student explores all types of sports , art and dance activities. We Always make sure having a variety of entertainment and learning activities for our students.

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From Our School News

Visite du député Jean-Jacques Bridey Posted On 03/12/2013

Hier, lundi 2 décembre, le Président du Groupe d’amitié France-Irak à l’Assemblée nationale française, M. Jean-Jacques Bridey, député du Val de Marne, est venu visiter notre école. Il s’est montré très satisfait de ce qu’il a vu. Yesterday, on December 2nd, the President of the Group of friendship France-Iraq in the French National Assembly, M. Jean-Jacques Bridey, deputy of Val-de-Marne, came to visit our school. He was very satisfied with what he saw.

Les jours fériés à venir. Posted On 08/04/2014

Les jours fériés Holidays ثشوةكان ؤذةِر : 20 avril: dimanche de Pâques April 20: Sunday for the Ester day 4/41 : جةذنى مةسيحى هيَلكة 30 avril : éléctions législatives irakiennes April 30: Iraqi parliamentary elections 4/ 01: هةلَبذاردنى ثةرلةمانى عيَراق و ئةجنومةنى شارةوانيةكانى هةريَم. 01 mai : fête du travail May 01 : Labor Day 0 ئايار: جةذنى كريَكاران.

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About the French School in Erbil

The French International School MLF Danielle Mitterrand, Erbil was founded in 2009 at the request of the Kurdistan Regional Government The School is based on an agreement between the French & Kurdish Governments.

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